Interior Painting

Going into someone's home or business means that you must have respect for other people and their possessions. Giving each customer the service that best fits their needs and respecting their possessions is what Boston Painting Services is about.

As a customer, you don't want to hire a professional to paint your home or business and see that, once they have gone, there are spills and spatters on the floors, furniture, doors, baseboards, mirrors or counter tops. You also want the job to look like a professional has been there and not just somebody who says they can paint.

Boston Painting Services is the painting contractor to help brighten your interior.    

Wood Rot or Deteriorated Stucco

In many circumstances with exterior painting, wood rot or deteriorated stucco is found once a project has been started. In some instances the soft or rotted wood can be cut out and then patched with the appropriate fillers.

Stucco often will deteriorate, crack and fall apart. At Boston Painting Services we can repair those areas without calling a stucco company.

Boston Painting Services is experienced in restoring many surfaces and textures. In the case of major wood rot replacement, we are not licensed carpenters but have good business relations with building contractors and carpenters who can repair those areas in need.    

Pressure Cleaning

Whether it be the sidewalks, driveways or the exterior walls and eaves of your home or business, we can get it clean.

At Boston Painting Services we will use a combination of solutions with pressure cleaning to rid any surface of mildew, dirt, salt, sand, bugs, spider webs, and anything else that may need to be removed. The right amount of pressure is crucial for pressure cleaning. At Boston Painting we know how much pressure it takes to clean something without destroying the surface area being cleaned.    

Lead Certified Renovation Company

Boston Painting Services is a United States EPA Lead Certified Renovation Company. If you have a building built before 1975 be sure to contact us to provide you with an estimate to complete the paint renovations in a safe and clean manner. Hiring a non certified renovator to complete the painting of your home or business could not only be hazardous to ones health but could also result in a costly fine from the EPA.

Exterior Painting & Waterproofing

Exterior painting and waterproofing involves more than just putting on some paint. First, all areas being painted must be cleaned of contaminants.After cleaning the areas to be painted, the customer will be notified of any rotten or deteriorated surfaces. Before the painting begins, any areas that need to be primed will be done. Next, in the areas where water intrusion is an issue, these areas will be caulked or filled with the appropriate fillers. The first finish coat will then be applied. All areas will be inspected and if there is any additional caulking or fillers needed this will be done at this time. The second finish coat will be applied. Once all surfaces are painted the surrounding areas will be inspected to insure all areas are free of spills and spatters. We provide warranties for all of our exterior painting and waterproofing projects.

Drywall Repair

Whether it be wet sheet rock from water damage or a hole in the wall call Boston Painting Services to fix that drywall flaw. We will repair the wall or ceiling to match the surrounding areas.  

Drywall Texture Repair

Do you have falling popcorn ceilings or another type of texture that is in need of repair? Do you have water stains on your ceiling or walls? Let Boston Painting Services be the contractor you call to get those textured surfaces looking great again!    

Concrete Coatings

Is your concrete driveway, patio, pool apron, etc. cracked or discolored? Or are you just tired of the same boring look? Call us to give your concrete a distinctive new look with our Concrete Coatings.    

Wood Stains, Varnishes and Polyurethanes

Do you have a wood front door, stained interior doors, trim, cabinets or furniture that is aged and showing signs that it is time to be freshened up? Call us to discuss your options as to how to bring that wood back to life and look fabulous.

Historic Restorations

At Boston Painting Services we take pride in every job that we complete and we especially enjoy completing work to Historical buildings and aged structures that require knowledge of products, surfaces and application techniques to provide a long lasting beautiful look.