Are you licensed?

Boston Painting Services is a fully licensed painting contractor with the state of Florida. Based in St. Augustine, we see a lot of people come through St. Johns county who claim to be a painter. Choosing Boston Painting Services as your licensed painting contractor, you won't have to worry about us coming to your home or business and leaving you unhappy. You will be able to contact us for any reason and for many years to come.    

Do you have insurance?

Since Boston Painting Services is a licensed painting contractor within the state of Florida, we must carry insurance.    

Will you spray, roll or brush the primer and paint?

Each project has its own specifications that are decided before the projects starts. These specs help determine how long a project will take and what process is used to complete the project. Sometimes spraying fits the requirements to make the project look a certain way or help complete the proejct in a specified amount of time. Spraying is sometimes not efficient and may not work best for some projects. Each project will be handled in a way that leaves you happy and the paint will be applied in a manner that best fits the particular project.    


What type of paint do you use?

At Boston Painting Services we use quality products from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. We feel that these paint suppliers offer a variety of colors to choose from with each supplier having products that are apropriate for the many different kinds of painting we do. We never use low-grade paints. At Boston Painting Services we feel that if you're going to take the time to paint something, it should be painted to last and not to just look good until the check is cashed. 

Why are there such price differences from one bid to another?

Each contractor has a different way to calculate what it will take them to complete the project. At Boston Painting Services we want to be fair to each customer, provide a service that will leave you happy for years to come and a finished product that will last. If you receive a few bids and one is obviously lower than another then the chances are the low bid will be completed with low-grade products, minimal preparation and unappealing craftsmanship. You get what you pay for is a saying used in many circumstances. With Boston Painting Services you will always get your money's worth and much more.       

What kind of experience do you have?

The experience of Boston Painting Services ranges from staining and varnishing custom built cherry cabinets to waterproofing condominiums; from painting furniture to spray-on colored texture in banks. There is a long list of different aspects of painting, staining, sealing and waterproofing where Boston Painting Services has experience. In all of these different areas, the same pride was taken in the completion of each project.      

When can you start?

At Boston Painting Services we will first give you an estimated schedule to complete the project. Once you accept this estimate we will schedule your project to start based on a first-come first-served basis. We will consider your need to have the project completed based on your schedule and will work with you to make your experience as convenient as possible.